Portside Dock

Whether you need a small pier for your fishing boat, or a large deck to accommodate all your guests and water toys, Portside Dock is unmatched in quality, durability and performance. Custom-designed from the bottom up, you'll find a wide range of deck sizes and accessories to meet your needs.Portside Dock is designed and built completely in-house at Portside Marina, keeping costs low and quality high. Our streamlined construction process and insistence on top-of-the-line materials results in a truly superior, maintenance-free pier that will provide you and your family years of fun on the water.

About Our Docks




Portside Dock begins with a solid foundation below water, with a variety of standards available to meet your needs and preferences. Choose from traditional cast-aluminum auger points, removable sleeve pads, or permanent auger-point sleeves.



All posts are 2" galvanized steel for years of reliable service, and feature cast-aluminum end caps.

Cross Bars


CrossBars are galvanized 2" steel, and feature cast-aluminum post clamps for years of rust-free performance.



The 11-guage 2" galvanized
stringers create a solid foundation for the decking. Three stringers support each pier section for a stable, “no-bounce" platform.


Built to Last – The pier decking is made of a special high-impact, maintenance-free polyvinyl compound that has proven to be an outstanding, durable pier material. Portside Dock features a roughened non-slip finish, giving you sure footing even when wet. The hollow-core construction reduces weight while maintaining strength.

Available in your choice of white or beige, the polyvinyl material is guaranteed not to fade or crack for 20 years.Standard pier sections are 4' wide x 10' long. To decrease weight and facilitate installation, each pier section is split into two 5' pieces.


Selecting Your Deck – Decks are available in 4' increments up to a maximum of 24' in width. Portside Dock's unique seamless deck construction results in an extremely stable platform with a clean appearance.

Your deck is where you'll spend most of your time on the pier, so it's important to select the right size. Lounge chairs and tables take up more space than you might think, and can quickly fill up your deck – leaving little room for anything else. With this in mind, we suggest that you first determine how much space is available at your location, and then how you will furnish your deck. From there, you'll have a better idea what dimensions will be most appropriate for your needs.